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Elevating the Aviation Industry Dreams of Young Latinas

Terms & Conditions:

Eligible Students:  Young Latinas ages 18-24 residing in the continental United States who are enrolled in high school, vocational school or college. Person does not need to be a U.S. Citizen or Permanent Resident to be considered eligible.

Eligible Time Period: October 15 – December 31, 2020.

  1. LATINA: Someone who is native of, or descends from, a Latin American country. The term Latino/Latina includes people from Brazil and excludes those who were born in or descended from Spain. … Thus, Hispanic refers more to language, while Latino/Latina refers more to culture.
  2. An Eligible Entry must be submitted via and completed within the Eligible Time Period.
  3. An Eligible Entry must be submitted along with essay and 1-2 minute video on why you deserve to win this scholarship.
  4. Scholarship will be in the amount of $5000.00 (Five-Thousand Dollars) for one (1) winner.
  5. Scholarship funds will be distributed directly to the enrolled school after verifying all information.
  6. Upon selection, Eligible Student will be required to provide proof of enrollment in a high school, vocational school or college and we will contact the school.
  7. Scholarship is paid directly to post-secondary college or vocational program and is held by Fig Factor Media LLC until such time Scholarship recipient provides proof of enrollment in post-secondary college or vocational program.
  8. A particular submission may only be entered ONCE. 
  9. Eligible Students are encouraged to become Ambassadors in their community to increase awareness of aviation and aerospace careers.
  10. By applying to this scholarship, you are granting permission to Fig Factor Media LLC/ dba: Latinas in Aviation to share your photo, story on social media, on our website, and other marketing campaigns to motivate the community. You give permission to use the information you submit in your application.